Falling | Falling, Behind the Scenes

  • Product code : A193-001
  • Category(ies) : Dance +
  • Level(s) : Sec. (ages 14-17) +, Post-Sec. (18 +) +
  • Duration : 10 min.
  • Production year : 2009
  • Director(s) : Philip Szporer & Marlene Millar
  • Producer(s) : Mouvement Perpétuel


Falling, a short dance film presented during the 2010 Winter Olympics is based on the true events of dancer Jeff Hall’s journey. A life changing fall left him unable to walk and his subsequent fight to regain his physicality gives us a peek into the emotion and struggle that can bring a man from such an experience.

The making of Falling is also included as a bonus Falling, Behind the Scenes

Jeff Hall is the choreographer for Totem (Cirque du Soleil’s 2010 production.)

Falling | Falling, Behind the Scenes