Over one and a half million Zambians have been diagnosed HIV positive out of a population of 10 million. Yet those who admit to their status are often outcasts from society, shunned by friends and family. Such is the fear and ignorance of the disease. As a result many refuse to be tested.

Even nurses, especially those trained prior to the disease appearing in the 1980’s, have a poor understanding of the symptoms or modes of transmission of HIV. Inonge is a rare example of someone who has dared to come out and admit to her HIV positive status. With support from the Caring for Care Givers project, run jointly by the Norwegian Nurses Organisation and the Zambian Nurses Association, Inonge is showing her fellow nurses, and the community at large, that it is possible to be HIV positive and live a normal life. Her example is inspiring others to get tested and if found positive, to get treatment, saving many lives.