Hard Rain


Can rain be a bad thing? It can when there's too much - too much wind, too many storms, extended drought - these are all impacts we should expect from climate change, warn scientists.

We travel to the Asia Pacific region, where the worst impacts are expected to occur, to find out how communities are coping with the effects of climate change.

In Gujarat, India, fishermen are beset by storms and farmers have either too much, or too little rain. Yet the local government is doing its best to mitigate the impacts of climate change by moving to cleaner transport systems.

The regional capital Ahmedabad once one of India's dirtiest cities is now one of its cleanest.

In the South Pacific island of Kiribati they are literally on the frontline of climate change - the island is only 3 metres above sea level at its highest point. Melting ice and thermal expansion mean the island could be submerged in 50 to 100 years. We find out how the community is planning to confront this eventuality, by migrating to neighbouring countries.