Empire of the Word


Eight years in the making, Empire of the Word is a compelling look inside the act of reading and traces its impact on more than five thousand years of human history.

Introduced and narrated by one of the world's great readers, Canadian writer Alberto Manguel, the series traces reading's origins; examines how we learn to read; exposes censors' attempts to prevent our reading; and finally, proposes what the future might hold for this most human of creative acts.

Like reading, Empire of the Word inspires viewers alike to take an open-minded look at the world while resting in the intimate comforts of their personal spaces. According to Manguel, “every reader has one first experience that liberates him into the magic of reading. This series, without doubt, may just be that first experience many have been waiting for. - Ranga Thangarajah, suite101.com, Nov. 26, 2009

01. The Magic of Reading  02. Learning to Read  03. Forbidden Reading  04. The Future of Reading

Empire of the Word