Bright Ideas


This episode of CLIMATE CHALLENGE takes a look at bright ideas that could cut fossil fuel use in the future.

In the Comilla district of Bangladesh, villages only reachable by boat are now getting electricity, thanks to solar home systems designed and built in the country for local needs.

County Durham in England used to be at the heart of coal mining country. Though with most pits closed, an innovative village school is now blazing a trail in energy production once again, by making its own power and becoming an exporter of electricity to the national grid.

In Malawi, where the demand for charcoal and wood for cooking is causing widespread deforestation, a new super efficient design of stove is taking off, halving fuel wood consumption.

In Barnsley, England biomass is making a comeback as high efficiency woodchip boilers, burning wood from renewable sources, are being adopted by the council for heating tower blocks.